Shower Doors

We are here to provide homeowners, contractors and home builders the best solutions for custom shower enclosures. From the simple to the extravagant we have the know-how and the experience to help you meet any budget while beautifying your bathroom.

Our enclosures come from GLASSource, a well known midwest manufacturer of shower enclosures known for quality and affordability. All our enclosures come standard with GLASSGUARD™. GLASSGUARD™ is a permanent protective bonding agent that becomes part of the glass surface itself unlike many other companies who use sealers that can eventually wear off. This two step process is factory applied using a state of the art environmentally controlled vapor fusion chamber. Step one uses Nano-technology to permanently change the glass surface. It is not a sealant and cannot be washed away!

Step two makes it even better by capping step one with an additional surface that is hydrophobic, and can be revitalized for the life of the door. Water repells from the surface! Much like a non-stick pan in the kitchen, hard water minerals, dirt and other contaminates cannot permanently stick or cause damage to shower doors. Glass is easily cleaned by merely rinsing with water and the occasional use of a nylon puff. No need for harsh chemicals or abrasives!

We offer a wide variety of options: Hinged or Bypass, Framed or Frameless, or Solid Panels we can do it all. We also have the widest variety of style and finishes in hardware and glass type.  We can even custom etch logos and other designs into your glass panels. With our team of experts in bathroom remodeling and custom showers we can help you design it from beginning to end to ensure you get the bathroom of your dreams!

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