Today’s vinyl is not that same product from years ago.  Although those low quality cost effective options like sheet vinyl and VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) do still exist, most of today’s vinyl is very scratch and moisture resistant while being durable enough to to be used in high traffic medical, commercial and retail spaces. All the while giving you some of the most beautiful color and design options.

Sheet vinyl is still used in many applications from residential to medical facilities and can be a very durable, cost effective flooring solution. Most contractors and homeowners these days are using new products that are known in the industry as LVT or Luxurious Vinyl Tile.  Many refer to them as vinyl plank.  Many of these simulate a hardwood or ceramic tile floor so well you literally have to get down on your hands and knees to see the difference. An added bonus with LVT much like hardwood or ceramic tile flooring, in the event of damage we can easily and cost effectively replace only the damaged planks. Today’s vinyl products are also maintenance friendly and easy to clean.

Another great option is the advent of a laminate style flooring but with a solid vinyl core.  These products are thicker than LVT and utilize the same floating floor concept as laminate flooring without all the hassles and worry about water damage and fading.  They are also much warmer when installed over a concrete slab substrate.  Homeowners quickly notice the difference in sound dampening between laminate and its vinyl counterpart as well.  Many of the manufacturers warranty these products to be 100% waterproof and some even come with a commercial wear rating!

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