Stained Concrete

Gone are the days when plain gray concrete was simply accepted on exterior applications or covered up with a flooring material on interiors. The durability of concrete has never been questioned but the unappealing finish prevented it from being acceptable as a finished floor.

Today we use your concrete as a canvas along with a variety of staining and coloring products transforming basements, utility rooms and even every day living spaces into beautiful works of art.

Many are learning the benefits to stained concrete. Grocery stores and retail spaces everywhere have learned how maintenance free stained concrete can be.  Once the concrete is stained and sealed nothing more need to be done other than mop it.

There are however downsides to stained concrete. Most colorants used in stained concrete are an acid based chemical reaction, so it is typically recommended for new concrete only.  When attempted on existing concrete any chemicals or sealers that may have come in contact with your concrete will drastically effect the outcome of the staining.  Even on new concrete the staining process is unpredictable and uncontrollable.  If the process produces an unacceptable final product at that point all we can do is cover over it with something different. Many times with one of our decorative epoxy options.

Contact us to see if stained concrete is an option to consider at your home or office.