Hardwood flooring provides many benefits to homeowners.  First, hardwood flooring is easy to clean because it does not collect dirt or stains.  This also makes hardwood a good option for people who have allergies. Furthermore, while the color of your carpeting may fade over time, hardwood typically does not. Hardwood floors are extremely flexible in terms of design; you can choose from limitless shades, natural patterns, and design and installation options making nearly every hardwood flooring installation unique.

Not only is hardwood flooring durable and resistant to scratches and dents, but it can also be sanded and refinished to create a new style. Hardwood flooring has also been proven to make it easier to sell your home, as buyers tend to consider hardwood flooring an advantage. Hardwood flooring does have a few disadvantages depending on the species of wood selected. It can be soft and easily damaged and it is also susceptible to deterioration from moisture.

There are many different species of wood and each one has a unique look and degree of hardness which if chosen correctly to fit your specific location and durability requirements can last a lifetime.  Below is a harness chart of the more popular species of wood floors.

At Ace Custom Flooring, we can help you determine whether hardwood floors are right for your home.